Short Stories

The magic will happen!

This is how I manage this thing called life and how I keep pursuing my dreams: Each day, I do the very best I can. I always go beyond the boundaries to make the very best, stretching further from my comfortable zone a little bit at the time, day by day. Then what happens after, what the universe decides to do with what I’m giving into it, is out of my control. I learned that we to do our best and have to get all out there, then we have to let it go, expect the best in return, but don’t get attached to the outcomes. Let it go, be free, while keep doing our very best every day. Everything builds up. Is like we are doing so much and nothing is happening for a very long time, but we gotta keep going, keep doing things, keep learning, keep improving, keep making good things happen, even if we can’t see them, then one day, when we least expect, the magic happens.
By Shailla